RH Kid's

Looking for information on our nursery?

Our Goal

To provide a safe and loving space for children to learn and discover how deeply Jesus loves them!

What Ages?

We have two different children's classes:

Pre - K to 1st Grade

2nd - 5th Grade

Beginning with 6th Grade, the children then move up to RH Youth 

What do the kids do in sunday school?

The children begin the day with their parents for worship in the gym. They then transition into their Sunday School class

They start out sharing about their past week and then pray together

Next is the class favorite...snack time!

For our lessons we use a wonderful curriculum called, "Holy Moly" which breaks the learning up into 4 sections: Discover. Relate. Connect. Create.

Check out the videos below to learn more about this amazing curriculum!

(About Holy Moly)

(Kids React to Holy Moly)

When you arrive, make your way into the cafeteria to sign in your child at the sign in station

Then, feel free to ask for and meet the teachers or grab some food with your child and make your way into the gym where we have service

After worship time, the children will make their way back into the cafeteria with their teachers

At the end of the service, please go directly back to the sign in station in order to sign your child out and then feel free to hang around and get to know some people!

What should i do when i arrive?

We have a nursery for babies that are six weeks old through age 3 (or up until they enter pre-school).

They are signed in at the children's sign in station within the cafeteria and then are taken back to the nursery after worship.

*Our volunteers all have experience caring for infants and have had background checks*



11:00am - 12:30pm