How God is moving 

"After growing up in church and never feeling satisfied, I began to branch out and test the water with not only churches but different religions. Throughout all of this, I never found “my place” no matter how diligent I was in my quest to find a relationship with God." 

"Throughout my life I have battled abusive relationships, addiction, mental health issues, and repeatedly suffered job loss and homelessness. Then one day a man approached me in the street to ask me if I needed groceries and asked me five words, “How can I help you?” Little did I know my life was about to change in a big way! Before the grocery distribution, Chad gave a brief message with a Scripture reading and offered private prayer if anyone needed it. My heart was moved by the message so I thanked Chad for his openness and asked if there was any way I could receive a Bible. He gave me his. "


"Since that day we have met for discussions, meals, volunteer work, Bible studies, prayer gatherings, worship nights, and have spent holidays together. Rising Hope has supported me through getting clean, getting (and keeping) employment, and securing a place to live. Finding “my place” has been one of the great joys of my life. Not only do these people “talk the talk”; more importantly, they “walk the walk.” "

"Rising Hope has become my family! We laugh, cry (a lot!), debate, share, support, and encourage each other. I am excited that I am becoming a better version of me!! I look forward to the times that I get to spend with my Rising Hope family because I have become part of something bigger. I have become part of a fellowship of people living out their faith in Him." (Acts 2:42) 

"From grabbing a quick cup of coffee just because, to going to other churches to spread our message, I have never experienced such joy at just loving God. I am so grateful for His willingness to sit by and allow me to either flounder or flourish, steadfast in His love for me. No matter how much I mess up, I now know God will always be waiting open-armed for me to come back to Him." 

"Rising Hope is a HUGE part of the person I am today and my hope is that we continue share and spread God’s love and the teachings of Jesus Christ to any and all who want to hear it. Remembering that as we grow, we will always continue to “lead by example” and let our actions speak volumes louder than our words in this commUNITY."


11:00am - 12:30pm